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Why summer is the easiest time to give up sugar

If all the latest reports of how sugar is truly addictive, feeds cancer cells, causes dysbiosis (bad balance of gut microbes), raises cholesterol, inflammation and risk of depression--just to name a few--has you thinking you need to ditch it once and for all, then consider doing it NOW. Here's why SUMMER IS THE BEST TIME… Continue reading Why summer is the easiest time to give up sugar

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Nifty Tricks for Sleeping Better

What if you had better mood, memory, metabolism, muscle, will power, discipline, energy, and weight loss with less hunger and fewer cravings? Life would be a breeze, right?! Most likely, you can improve all this. It just takes sleeping better on a regular basis. I know, I know...easier said than done.  But it's worth a… Continue reading Nifty Tricks for Sleeping Better