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New Year’s Res-illusions Mistake

Some surprising nutrition findings explain why many Americans don't lose weight after the holidays, despite eating healthier. Here's the (rather humbling) summary, after grocery bills were examined for 207 households: On average, households bought more unhealthy food during the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day) compared to the previous months. No surprise. After… Continue reading New Year’s Res-illusions Mistake


Holiday Food: How to Enjoy More while Eating Less

Happy Holidays! Here are 10 ways to maximize your joy at the holiday table while minimizing weight gain: Be the best conversationalist (i.e., slowest eater) at the table. Cut your food in smaller pieces. Use all your senses: Savor the sights, sounds and smells of the season. Prepare nice responses to food-pushers, so you don't… Continue reading Holiday Food: How to Enjoy More while Eating Less

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Healthy Yummy Thanksgiving Treats

Thanksgiving is one of the easier holidays to keep healthy, so long as you plan ahead. Here are some festive, delicious, healthier menu ideas: Toasted pumpkin seeds, sprinkled on a salad, perhaps with pomegranate seeds or sliced pear and lowfat feta cheese Steamed green beans with garlic, toasted sesame oil, tamari sauce and toasted sesame… Continue reading Healthy Yummy Thanksgiving Treats

Food ideas, Holidays

Smarter Halloween Treats, Part 1

Happy almost-Halloween! Before you dive into the Halloween candy, consider these spooky findings: Sugar is addictive. Every time you eat candy, you strengthen the addiction, making cravings stronger and making it harder to quit. Sugar depresses mood, after the brief high. It's like borrowing happiness from the future, which you'll have to pay back with… Continue reading Smarter Halloween Treats, Part 1