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Long COVID is not ‘just anxiety’

(Just like POTS, MCAS, EDS, IBS, SIBO, gastroparesis, autoimmunity, etc. are not either). I was recently asked by a patient whether I believed that post-COVID syndrome is ‘just anxiety or depression’. She was having difficulty getting anyone to take her complaints seriously. I feel terrible for anyone who has been trained to expect that kind… Continue reading Long COVID is not ‘just anxiety’

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Power of fruit and veggies on mental health

Academic journal articles aren’t known for being inspiring, but I came across a paragraph that made me say “Whoa!”  It does such a beautiful job of summarizing the findings on how fruit and vegetable intake (FVI) can affect mental health in so many ways. See if you find this paragraph as powerful as I did. (Note:… Continue reading Power of fruit and veggies on mental health

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How psychological stress affects mast cells

If you have mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), then you probably already know—all too well—how psychological stress affects mast cells. But if you want proof, details, and a ton of other fantastic information from one of the world’s top mast cell researchers, check out this new article by Dr. Theo Theoharides: Impact of psychological stress… Continue reading How psychological stress affects mast cells

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How Fitspiration Backfires

"Fitspiration" describes images designed to motivate us to make healthier lifestyle choices. It usually features fit, attractive people looking like they're having the time of their lives while exercising, eating salad, or engaging in other healthy habits. In some ways, it works. One recent study found that Fitspiration made women want to exercise more. However,… Continue reading How Fitspiration Backfires