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People with IBD have more microplastic in their poop

None of us are trying to consume microplastic, but it happens. Researchers have estimated that we consume about 1 credit card’s worth of plastic per week. And here is yet another study about how plastics might be associated with big problems for our health. This time they looked at quantities of microplastics in feces and… Continue reading People with IBD have more microplastic in their poop

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Have trouble swallowing?

Do you have trouble swallowing? If so, you are not alone. A 2015 survey of 39 POTS patients found that 41% reported swallowing difficulty (Deb et al., found here: POTS is not the only condition associated with dysphagia (trouble swallowing). A recent NPR story reports that every year 1 in 25 people experiences dysphagia, and… Continue reading Have trouble swallowing?

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My Pre-IVIg (and Pre-Flight) Snacks

Before I get IVIg I like to eat a breakfast including some fresh salsa, guacamole, pesto, bruschetta or other food that includes crushed raw garlic.  Is it because I want others to go running from my bad breath?  Nope--it's because crushed raw garlic might have health properties to help prevent all three of my IVIg-related… Continue reading My Pre-IVIg (and Pre-Flight) Snacks

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Sea salt contaminated with plastic

Our oceans are increasingly polluted, so maybe it should be no surprise that researchers found microscopic plastic in 16 of 17 samples of sea salt from all around the world.  While they claim the small amounts of plastic shouldn't affect human health, I'm not taking any chances.  We POTS patients consume more salt than others,… Continue reading Sea salt contaminated with plastic

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POTSies who drink a lot: Cool tool for avoiding contaminants in tap water

The POTS Expert Consensus Statement recommends drinking up to 2-3L water per day, which is about twice what the average American drinks.  It means the stakes are higher for us when it comes to contaminants in drinking water.  Luckily, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has made it easy to your check local drinking water, and… Continue reading POTSies who drink a lot: Cool tool for avoiding contaminants in tap water

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Natural help for migraines and headaches

If you suffer from headaches or migraines (and the word “suffer” may be an understatement), here is some good news: There are three natural, easy treatments that excelled when put to the test of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials. 1. Ginger. A 2014 study with 100 patients found that 1/8th teaspoon ginger powder worked as… Continue reading Natural help for migraines and headaches