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Power of fruit and veggies on mental health

Academic journal articles aren’t known for being inspiring, but I came across a paragraph that made me say “Whoa!”  It does such a beautiful job of summarizing the findings on how fruit and vegetable intake (FVI) can affect mental health in so many ways. See if you find this paragraph as powerful as I did. (Note:… Continue reading Power of fruit and veggies on mental health

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Nifty Tricks for Sleeping Better

What if you had better mood, memory, metabolism, muscle, will power, discipline, energy, and weight loss with less hunger and fewer cravings? Life would be a breeze, right?! Most likely, you can improve all this. It just takes sleeping better on a regular basis. I know, I know...easier said than done.  But it's worth a… Continue reading Nifty Tricks for Sleeping Better