Remote consultations are available via phone and can be arranged by filling out this short intake form.

What to Expect

Jill starts by listening very closely to learn about a client’s history, challenges, priorities, lifestyle, and dietary strategies they may have already tried. She knows that dysautonomia patients can have the toughest nutritional challenges around, because so many different problems can interact to create great complexity.

Next, Jill collaborates with you to design a personalized, practical, and realistic game plan. She will send a thoughtful written summary of recommendations, to share with your healthcare team.

Some of the common topics she can help address include nutrition strategies for histamine intolerance, mast cell activation, gastroparesis, nausea, unwanted weight loss or gain, reflux, gut health, small fiber neuropathy, chronic pain, autoimmunity, inflammation, hydration, migraines, energy, mood, building strength or endurance, improving willpower, and how to change taste buds or stubborn habits more easily.

Above all, Jill is committed to understanding each client’s unique situation, helping them identify their best next steps, and giving them the information and resources that will suit their specific needs. Jill strives to be the person she most wanted on her own health team when she was homebound with severe illness: A top expert, knowledgeable about potential solutions, who listens and cares like you are family.

Consultations cost $200 and include review of any documents sent ahead of time, a 60-minute phone consultation and written summary.  Follow-up consultations cost $150.  Payment is accepted via PayPal.

Consultations are done via phone (not video, due to Jill’s own MCAS reactions to prolonged screen time).  To get started, please fill out this intake form and Jill will contact you by email within 48 hours.