This is my place to collect favorite links and research studies that I think might have practical applications for POTS, dysautonomia, MCAS, Gastroparesis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, autoimmune neuropathy, gut health or just feeling better.  I also collect findings about willpower, because that is often the limiting factor for making changes.

POTS, Diet and Digestive Issues

Autoimmunity, Gut Health and Diet

Healing and Sealing the Gut Lining

Histamine Food Lists:

Natural mast cell stabilizers (usually in animal models):

More useful info about mast cells

Probiotics that could help?

Good websites for nutrition info:

  •, where Dr. Michael Gregor shares short, riveting videos about the latest findings.
  • Nutrients in Foods Tool, from, where you can input nutrients that you want to either maximize or avoid, and the tool provides a handy food list.
  • Dr. Gabe Mirkin’s blog, full of fascinating explanations on a variety of topics in fitness, sports nutrition, and famous medical mysteries from history.
  • is the blog and collected scientific studies of a patient experimenting with the latest findings in health, healing and performance.  It includes wonderful compilations of journal articles on various topics.
  • The Paleo Mom website contains loads of great info about the Paleo diet and Paleo Autoimmune protocol.
  • If eating for longevity is your priority, Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a rockstar.  Her podcast and videos explain the latest practical findings from the world of biochemistry and translate them into practical tips we can use to stay youthful.  She will have you running for the sauna with your broccoli sprouts.
  • PubMed, the ultimate place to find recent scientific findings.

Food Safety:

Contaminants in Otherwise Healthy Foods

Kitchen Gadgets:

  • A kale zipper, makes kale much more convenient to cook.  Now you can make kale chips in minutes.
  • A vegetable spiralizer turns zucchini and other veggies into noodles.
  • The best garlic twister for boosting anti-cancer properties of garlic.
  • This sprouting kit has everything you need to grow your own organic broccoli sprouts, which is super easy and fun.
  • The Kitchen Safe lets you lock away temptations for any length of time.


  • The Detoxinista, for people who love to bake with the cleanest possible ingredients.  There are also good soups and more.
  • Healing Histamine has a variety of low-histamine cookbooks for sale.

Favorite Food Products (besides fresh produce):

  • Go Raw food company, for sprouted nuts and seeds, and relatively healthy treats.
  • Flackers make great crackers out of flax seeds.
  • Miracle Noodles have no calories or gluten and contain lots of resistant starch for gut bacteria to enjoy.
  • Four Sigmatic makes mushroom-infused coffee and matcha green tea, among other exotic mushroom-based products.
  • Thrive Market delivers non-perishable organic foods at a discount.

Researchers to Follow:

  • Dr. Datis Kharrazian has done great research on autoimmunity and how diet and lifestyle can help.  He also has wonderful research showing how common environmental pollutants may be to blame (E.g., this article and many others).
  • Dr. Valter Longo from the USC Longevity Institute has some pretty exciting findings about the benefits of fasting, but the best part is that he has figured out how we can get the benefits of fasting while still getting to eat quite a bit.  His book, The Longevity Diet, summarizes his research on the Fast-Mimicking Diet (FMD).
  • Dr. Kelly McGonigal, a Stanford Health Psychologist, has lots of helpful findings about willpower in her book, The Willpower Instinct.
  • Dr. Traci Mann runs the Eating Lab at Minnesota State U and has lots of interesting findings to report (e.g., comfort food doesn’t actually provide comfort!) in her book, Secrets From the Eating Lab.
  • Dr. Roy Baumeister is the original willpower researcher and has lots to teach us in his book summarizing decades of research (including why willpower is particularly weak in the face of dieting.)
  • Dr. Angela Duckworth is a psychology professor at UPenn best known for her work on grit.  She also examines self-control, willpower, achievement, and how we can better stick to the healthy habits we know we should.
  • Dr. Brian Wansink runs the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, which shares loads of practical research findings.  You will never leave cereal sitting out on your countertop again.
  • The Autoimmune Fix, by Dr. Tom O’Bryan contains the best easy-to-grasp explanation of gut health, and why everyone should prioritize optimizing it.

Good Nutrition Newsletters:


  • DoodleThru: Comics about the challenges and absurdities of living with dysautonomia, POTS, gastroparesis, EDS, autoimmunity, SIBO and the likes.
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